Best Access Control Systems for your Business

access controlThe Best Access Control Systems for your Business in 2019

Every business needs a way to control the amount of access their team members have to the building or premises. That’s where access control comes in. Access Control Systems control or restrict access to doors and certain locks within the system using magnetic entry keycards, biometric locks, fingerprint scanners, and iris scanners as well.

Access Control can be very useful for businesses that need lots of security to safeguard their valuables such as banks. As technology grows more sophisticated, so will access control, and it will continue getting more and more secure each year. Here are the best access control systems to protect your business in 2019.

Visionis VIS 3200 Wireless Access Controller

Visionis makes high-end modular access control systems that handle anything from one door in simple mode to many doors in complex mode.

Gianni Industries: GEM Series

The GIANNI series is known to have straightforward and reliable products through and through. Featuring an electromagnetic locking system, the GEM series can be fitted on most doors and frames. Additionally, the DEM MOB prevents current surges and spikes.

Visionis: 1 Door Combo 8004 + 7000 + 8005 + ML600LED

VIS-8004- Comes with a one-channel receiver 315 mhz. Integrate this wireless receiver into any door system.

VIS-7000 has a green button that says ‘Push To Exit’ on it and is used for a one-way exit system where a remote is not necessary. Keep in mind that the Visionis 1 Door Combo is an indoor combo system, so you’ll need another system for the outdoors.

MENGQI- CONTROL Weatherproof Access System

This access control system is perfect for use outdoors. It supports PIN cards, access cards and access card and PIN combos. The card is a 125 kHz unit sending signals to a Wiegand 26 to 37 bit programmable I/O. It can also be programmed up to 2,000 users and is easy to install as well as reliable.


This is a stand-alone door control system that is activated through a keypad. Apart from being very easy to install, the UHPPOTE is good for one door and poses a good deterrent. It can sustain up to 1,000 users and is turned on by both a card and a key code. It is a very good idea for small residential buildings.

Professional Access Control Installation When You Need It

At the end of the day, DYI security can only get you so far. A professional locksmith can plan and install your access control system well so it lasts a lifetime. Contact Key Service Agoura Hills and get a free estimate on your access control project today.