Best Access Control Systems for your Business

access controlThe Best Access Control Systems for your Business in 2019

Every business needs a way to control the amount of access their team members have to the building or premises. That’s where access control comes in. Access Control Systems control or restrict access to doors and certain locks within the system using magnetic entry keycards, biometric locks, fingerprint scanners, and iris scanners as well.

Access Control can be very useful for businesses that need lots of security to safeguard their valuables such as banks. As technology grows more sophisticated, so will access control, and it will continue getting more and more secure each year. Here are the best access control systems to protect your business in 2019.

Visionis VIS 3200 Wireless Access Controller

Visionis makes high-end modular access control systems that handle anything from one door in simple mode to many doors in complex mode.

Gianni Industries: GEM Series

The GIANNI series is known to have straightforward and reliable products through and through. Featuring an electromagnetic locking system, the GEM series can be fitted on most doors and frames. Additionally, the DEM MOB prevents current surges and spikes.

Visionis: 1 Door Combo 8004 + 7000 + 8005 + ML600LED

VIS-8004- Comes with a one-channel receiver 315 mhz. Integrate this wireless receiver into any door system.

VIS-7000 has a green button that says ‘Push To Exit’ on it and is used for a one-way exit system where a remote is not necessary. Keep in mind that the Visionis 1 Door Combo is an indoor combo system, so you’ll need another system for the outdoors.

MENGQI- CONTROL Weatherproof Access System

This access control system is perfect for use outdoors. It supports PIN cards, access cards and access card and PIN combos. The card is a 125 kHz unit sending signals to a Wiegand 26 to 37 bit programmable I/O. It can also be programmed up to 2,000 users and is easy to install as well as reliable.


This is a stand-alone door control system that is activated through a keypad. Apart from being very easy to install, the UHPPOTE is good for one door and poses a good deterrent. It can sustain up to 1,000 users and is turned on by both a card and a key code. It is a very good idea for small residential buildings.

Professional Access Control Installation When You Need It

At the end of the day, DYI security can only get you so far. A professional locksmith can plan and install your access control system well so it lasts a lifetime. Contact Key Service Agoura Hills and get a free estimate on your access control project today.

7 Ways to Handle Employee Theft

employee theft7 Ways to Handle Employee Theft

Most companies will perform a full background check on their employees before they hire them. Especially if they will be handling sensitive assets such as money or gold/silver. However, sometimes, bad apples slip through the cracks and you could find yourself suspecting one of your best workers of the worst betrayal of them all- employee theft.

Examples include cashiers stealing money from the registers after closing time, or office workers casually taking office supplies from the storage room. As these crimes vary in where they happen and who is involved, there is never a universal way of handling the situation. Therefore, you’ll want to take a look at the following suggestions if you suspect someone of employee theft.

Here’s what you can do:

  1. Evaluate the situation

    • You will want to ask yourself questions as to why the employee is doing this. Was the theft intentional? Does the person have a background of engaging in this kind of behavior? Is the employee likely to do this again? It is questions like these that will help you decide whether the employee deserves a stern warning or immediate termination.
  2. Gather evidence

    • Keep a clear head and don’t jump to conclusions right away. Wait a while and look for evidence that the employee is indeed stealing from the company. You could ask a bookkeeper to log the incident for you or even run an audit to check inventory records.
  3. Don’t discuss the situation with other employees

    • Talking about the situation with fellow employees could reveal confidential information and ruin the authenticity of the investigation.
  4. Supervise the employee closely

    • It is common for employees who regularly steal from the office to stop their activities for several weeks or months while their employer is watching them closely. Therefore, be vigilant because it might happen again if you’ve decided to terminate the employee.
  5. Fire the employee

    • If you find out that the employee has actually been stealing from the company, the time has come to fire this individual. Make sure to watch the employee as he or she is leaving as employees have been known to take important documents with them upon exiting the premises.
  6. Notify the police

    • You will usually need a police report for insurance purposes if your insurance covers employee theft for example. However, we advise this option lightly as it may make you lose trust with your employees and sabotage the investigation.
  7. Prevent another occurrence

    • Employee theft is a big deal for any business, big or small. In order to prevent it from happening again, you will most likely want to establish some ground rules. If theft is common at your business, consider establishing a zero-tolerance policy that addresses employee theft in detail. Make it clear what you consider to be theft, and restrict areas that should be off limits for employees. Installing storage lockers for employees could also reduce employee theft.

Employee theft is a problem almost every way you look at it. If you suspect it is happening, it will only get worse if you try to sweep it under the rug. Remember to stick to the evidence and follow company policy in the event of a real employee theft.

And if you’re not entirely sure how secure your establishment is, you may want to consider hiring a commercial locksmith to inspect the locks you have on your filing cabinets, lockers and storage rooms. Or your safes if you are a bank or a business that uses a safe.

The Benefits of an Emergency Locksmith Company

emergency locksmith service (818) 322-4515The Benefits of a 24 Hour Emergency Service 

Emergencies occur unexpectedly and therefore it is important to ensure you are prepared in the best possible way. For homeowners, business owners and automobile owners, having an emergency locksmith who you can contact is part of emergency preparedness.

Imaging losing the keys to your house or experiencing a jammed lock at midnight. What do you do if you’re all alone and there is no one you can count on to be rescued? In such a scenario, you have to wait until the morning hours when you walk down the streets searching for a locksmith.

At Key Service Agoura Hills, you have 24/7 access to our emergency locksmith services. Therefore, book with us today and you can count on us for a quick response. So what are some of the benefits of having an emergency locksmith service?

  1. You Can Expect Top Skill and Experience

In cases where you look for an emergency locksmith services provider and not the other way around, you are better off since you get the chance to search for an experienced locksmith. You have the advantage when you call at a time when there is no emergency that you are facing.

Therefore, you have all the time to shop around asking for references and verifying these references for legitimacy and authenticity. Therefore, do you want to ensure you have an experienced locksmith providing service when you need it the most? You better start searching for one and register with them for the best quality, guaranteed.

  1. You Get Special Treatment and Timely Response

When you register for emergency locksmith services, you are placed among the top priority clients. Therefore, whenever you are facing an issue like house lockout or jammed locks, there is an instant response from your preferred emergency locksmith services provider. This is the best special treatment that any client can wish to have.

  1. Round the Clock Availability

An emergency locksmith company offers round the clock availability. Therefore, no matter the time of day or night you contact the company, you can always get an appropriate response.

Looking for a readily available emergency response locksmith? Contact Key Service Agoura Hills today to book an appointment for the Best Value Service you’ll get all year!

Keyless Entry Systems are Lifesavers

Locksmith Agoura HillsKey Fobs are lifesavers when you have your hands full!

A Key fob is a remote keyless entry device for your car. It can lock and unlock your car doors with the push of a button. That’s why Keyless Entry systems are lifesavers when you have arms filled with groceries and kids at the local Ralphs parking lot. And the panic button is perfect if you ever feel nervous about entering a dark parking lot by yourself.
Some keyless entry remotes can trigger your car to flash the headlights and chirp if you lose it when you park at the mall. Therefore, if you need a replacement key fob, or you need to get it reprogrammed, you’ll find that your nearest dealer will charge you upwards of $200 or more for the job. And that’s at the low end!

Save yourself time and money with the local locksmith

If you don’t want to go to spend time and money at the dealer, try calling your local licensed locksmith. Key Service Agoura Hills will help you obtain your precise vehicular make and model keyless entry fob. Our mobile locksmiths will also make certain that your new keyless entry remote/ fob is programmed and working with your current key fob.

Here at Key Service Agoura Hills, our techs carry a wide variety of keyless entry remote options to choose from. Some are original manufacturer models; some are after-market additions. And all of them are sold at a price that won’t be beaten at your local dealership. So when you’re looking for a new keyless entry system, we have the best selection and advice you’ll find anywhere.

Leading solutions for your next Keyless Entry System

If you don’t already have a keyless entry remote. Or if you want to install a new keyless entry system with different and/or upgraded options, you certainly can. Every make and model of car is different, however. So even if you’re installing a run-of-the-mill system, you will need to ensure that it works on your car. Give us a call about the right keyless entry system for your car in Agoura Hills.

Feel safe and secure again with Key Service Agoura Hills

We can help you choose the right keyless entry system for your car, no matter how vulnerable its security is. We have local technicians that can come to your location in less than 20 minutes, so you’ll never have to worry about missing us. Just give our lovely dispatchers a call at (818) 322- 4515 to feel safe and secure today!

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